Video Tutorials

In the following videos you will find short tricks and tips about stringing.


The videos deal with the following topics:

– Pliers cleaning GAMMA 8900 / Progression II ELS

– 3 or 4 pairs of eyelets, where do I start the racket?

– How do I calibrate a GAMMA stringing machine?

– Racket tuning with the GAMMA Balance Beam Board

– Pre-stretch functions of our GAMMA machines

– Types of knots

Have Fun!                  


cleaning the pliers with our GAMMA cleaning Stone

Calibrate the machine with the  Tension Calibrator


Racket tuning with the GAMMA Balance Board–uYso3I&t=18s

We hope you enjoyed the videos and they were able to help you!

A big thank you goes to Olli for providing us with the videos! You can also visit his own YouTube channel again, there are many other interesting videos on the subject.

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