Gamma stringing machine 6900 Els SC Suspension Mounting System

Gamma 6900


The 6900 ELS SC comes in the new design with original Gamma Upgrades.

TOP Upgrade
New Floorstand

Upgrade 1
V-Shoulder Mounts on all 6pt Models – Convenience (no blocked holes)
Upgrade 2
Longer Mounting Arms – More Adaptable for different Racquet Types
Upgrade 3
Curved String Clamps Tracks – Smoother Clamp Movement
Upgrade 4
Smaller and new premium clamps for universal use (squash, badminton)


Digitale Kontrolleinheit

Digital controlling unity with:

Direct input of the tension, 9 programmable Memory places, knot function raises unique pull by 10%, input in Lbs and kp possibly, 3 different pull speeds, pre stretch of the string about 10% or 20%, string length meter in meter or foot.

– Linear pull of 5 – 40 kp
– Completely self centring 6 points System
– Diamond-coated, Premium Clamps
– Foot pedal
– Height adjustable floorstand with role holder
– All tools and machine cover besides
– 5 years warranty




1.Two self centring state columns by rotary wheel. This eases and shortens with the stringing passed away of big racquets very strongly the amount of work involved. 

2. The 6900 Els SC orders about completely self centring 6 points system. Fastest possible clamping with the same pressure at all places of the frame. Only one wheel to turn instead of three